About SUPwest

SUPwest have been developing and importing high quality Stand Up Paddleboards and related products since 2012.

We have sourced and branded our own range of boards that perform great on the water and are sold direct to our clients at very competitive prices.

There are different styles of Searano boards designed to meet different requirements.

These include:

  • Inflatable SUP – These are very versatile for the traveller, boatie or person not having enough room to store a standard SUP at home;
  • All rounder SUP – Designed and shaped to paddle on flat water and perform just as well in the surf with waves up to 1 metre;
  • Surfing SUP – For the more experienced board rider looking to ride the bigger wave;
  • Racing / Touring SUP – These boards are constructed from carbon fibre for the racing enthusiasts.

We always have over 200 new boards in stock and are confident that we will have the right board to suit.